The young boy, born in May 15th 1922 in Tjumen, Russia, spend his childhood in West Sibiria where he studied nature during and after school. He left several hundreds of his drawings within numerous books. His interest in art grew continuously so that he began to try his hand on oil paints and various painting styles. To improve his skills up to a professional level, he audited classes at the art academy of arts in Saint Petersburg.

Due to his insatiable desire to continue his studies of nature abroad, Claude already started to travel at younger ages. He visited many countries, including Germany and Italy. Finally, he stayed in Paris, where he hoped to find likeminded painters. Having had lots of experience in Paris, he applied himself temporarily to an abstract style of painting and studied every single detail of nature in France. In 1959 he decided to interrupt his research and journeyed on. He continued on experimenting with alternative painting styles, though he always had his individual traits and fascinations for nature in mind. Since 1964, Stin has painted almost invariably pictures concerning wildlife and pursued like this until he died.

In his lifetime, Claude sold only few of his paintings to European art collectors. Most of his legacy was passed to his offspring.